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COTINGA TRAVEL is thankful for your preference; without doubt we are dedicated to making this holiday, one of the best moments of your life. Please read carefully our policies, terms and conditions stated below.

1). Documentation: To confirm your reservation, it is necessary to send us a clear copy of your VALID passport with at least 6 months validity from your date of travel. COTINGA TRAVEL will not be responsible for any costs that are incurred because of inappropriate or expired documents or in the event that you forget your travel documents.

For travelers who plan to spend more than 60 days in Peru, we will add 18% tax (IGV) to the value of the program you have reserved.

University students who book the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, are required to bring their student ID card emitted by your university and you must be under 25 years old, with the following information: Details of the university, details of the student, a photo of the student, an expiry date, no greater than one year from the entrance to these attractions (please scan and send via E mail at the time of booking) and bring the document with you for the beginning of the tour.

2) National Holidays: When there are bank holidays or national holidays, in the different destinations of Peru; for example, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, Easter, Cusco holidays, amongst others, we will apply an additional cost to cover the costs and policies of our service providers.

3) Travel Insurance: Before you decide to travel, we recommend to purchase your travel insurance policy that covers you for accidents, medical costs, emergency repatriation, rescue or air ambulance. We also recommend that you add coverage for cancellations, of your tour and loss of luggage. You can send a scanned copy of your insurance policy to our E mail or alternatively send a copy to a trusted family member/ friend.  

4) Reservation of domestic flights: Once your airfares have been emitted, they are not refundable or transferable. Airfares may be reprogrammed depending on availability and by paying any incurred penalties for the change.

5)Confirmed Reservation and remaining payment amount: Once the purchase of your tour has been confirmed, you should pay a minimum deposit of 50% on the total cost of your tour. All amounts are in US DOLLARS and payment can be made via any of our payment methods. The remaining 50% must be paid before your arrival to Peru. Transaction costs or bank fees will be covered by the client and are not included in the price of our tours.  

In the event that you do not pay the final amount, COTINGA TRAVEL has the power to cancel the tour without giving notice and proceed with the corresponding authorities   for damages, as stated in the article 1331 of the Peruvian Civil Code, agreed in the article 1341 by the same legal body.

6) Under age children: Depending on the chosen programme, there will be corresponding discounts applicable on certain services for young children.

7) Pick-up times: The pick-up time for your tour will be stated in the itinerary. The tourist should be ready and waiting at the agreed time in the lobby of the hotel. If you are not ready at the specified time, the agency will not be responsible for hold-ups or cancellation of the pick-up by our transport partners, as this is a previously established time. If we receive the tourist under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we will proceed to cancel the tour, with no rights to a refund or any rescheduling of the tour.

8) Hotels: The company reserves the right to replace hotels of the same category, in their touristic packages. This is due to the availability in each hotel of choice in Peru and COTINGA TRAVEL comply with the Peruvian Civil code, article 1277.

In the case of early check in and late check out there will be an additional charge which is dictated by the policies of each individual hotel. 

9) Inca Trail, Huayna Picchu Mountain and Machu Picchu Mountain: These particular services included in adventure tourism, are subject to government restrictions for their maintenance, protection and conservation. They are also dependent on permits, limiting the amount of people who do these activities each day.  For this reason, you should reserve these activities well in advance and with prior consultation about availability, due to their high demand.

10) Updating information on our website: The company reserves the right to change any information that appears on the website.

11) Lost or stolen belongings: for the duration of your tour, COTINGA TRAVEL will not be responsible for the loss of your personal belongings, if your items are stolen or if your luggage is damaged in any way. For this reason, it is important to take care of your personal belongings for the duration of the tour.

12) Cancellations and refunds: If a request for a refund has been receivedthe following applies:

  • 12.1. Up to 90 days before the start date of the tour.  This will be subject to a 25% penalty for administrative costs, not including any associated cost of bank transfers/charges. Credit card commissions, or any other associated costs for the refund.
  • 12.2. Up to 45 days before the start date of the tour: This will be subject to a 50% penalty for administrative costs, not including the associated cost of bank transfers/charges. Credit card commissions, or any other associated costs for the refund.
  • 12.3. Up to 30 days Up to 45 days before the start date of the tour: This will be subject to a 100% penalty for administrative costs.

Group cancellations: Up to 180 days before the start date of the tour.  Will be subject to a 50% penalty of the total cost of the tour. Up to 90 days before the start date of the tour.  Will be subject to a 100% penalty of the total cost of the tour.

In the same way, there will be no refund or credit for the absence or cancellation by the tourist, of any activities of the program that has been arranged.

13). In the Event of Force Majeure: In case unpredictable events happen within the reservation process or at the execution of an itinerary, such as natural disasters strikes, or stoppages, among others, which are not under COTINGA TRAVEL control, the trips programs will be modified, postponed and even canceled. We will ensure that these modifications do not harm the integrity and safety of our passengers, in compliance with the law 29408, the General Tourism Law which is in force in our country. These contracted services that were affected will be returned 100%

14) The Client’s responsibility: The agency will not be responsible nor be obliged to resolve issues of any damages, illnesses, death, or altercations with other passengers that could happen during the tour. The client is responsible for any extra costs regarding these situations.

15) Our responsibility: COTINGA TRAVEL is committed to offering any services requested by the tourist at their request (in a shared or private service). Throughout the tour, we will supply quality service in accordance with the norms established by the tourism law Number. 29408, mentioned in article 28.

Important Considerations:

We request that you advise us of any allergies, illnesses, psychological or psychiatric conditions, which require medication, general conditions of the passenger, special characteristics food preferences, restrictions, etc.  Please consult your doctor for your prescription of additional, required medication in the event of a loss.

Travel in Peru requires a level of patience, flexibility, empathy, adaptation, and a good sense of humor, as unexpected events can and do happen, while you are on a tour in Peru.

Fundamental Jurisdiction:

In effect of the present contract, both parties agree to comply with the conditions mentioned, for the purpose of offering the client total security for the duration of their time in Peru. We comply with all the tourism legislation required to be a travel agency. Stated in Peruvian Law.

  1. Political Constitution of Perú in 1993
  2. General law of tourism, number 29408
  3. Peruvian civil code in effect since 1984
*On confirmation of your reservation, you are accepting the, terms, conditions and policies of the present contract.


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